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Welcome to LocalVegas.com - Your source for local vegas news and deals.

We’re working hard to bring you all the local vegas info you want… from locals discounts, vegas coupons, the top free things to do, and more.  We live and work here in Las Vegas… so we know the feeling that comes with all of your friends and family expecting you to play tour guide for them.  LocalVegas.com is all about making that job easier!

Read through our website as we look at all the best things to do in Vegas, the top Las Vegas attractions, the headliners, the magicians, the concerts and shows, and the local Vegas celebrities that make our town great.  If you know of a great local Vegas secret that we’re missing, definitely leave a comment!

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  1. Found your site on Reddit today and really liked it.. I bookmarked it and will be back to check it out some more later.