Boulder City and The Coffee Cup Cafe

The Coffee Cup Cafe is worth the drive if you're craving great food!

Boulder City is located about 20 miles from Las Vegas. Slogan “Best City By A Dam Site”. The city also hosts an Annual festival of short subject films called “ The Dam Short Film Festival” in February since 2005.

Boulder City was created during the Great Depression in 1931 to house worker and their families during the construction of Hoover Dam. Designed to provide clean living for worker, alcohol was prohibited until 1969 and gambling has been prohibited since the city’s onset. To entertain themselves Boulder Theatre was establish in 1931. Visitors to Boulder City were admitted by permit, and by 1932 visitors had to enter through a gatehouse.

Schools were not included in the building of the city because it was assumed single men would be the only ones coming to work on the dam. Many families came and were left living in camps and temporary shacks until Boulder city was complete. Even then, makeshift schools were made and there was no hospitals. If someone got injured they would have to go to Las Vegas for care.

At the peek of the Dam construction period Boulder City had the largest population in Nevada, about 7,000 people. When the dam was completed Six Companies, Inc the construction company behind Hoover dam and Boulder City did not think people would want to make Boulder City their permanent homes. Instead of tearing down the house they Six Companies sold them instead.

Today the Boulder Theatre still stands and gambling is still prohibited in the city. In 2009 Money Magazine ranked it 6th of the top 25 places to retire in the United States. The Boulder City Museum and Historical Association is located in the Boulder Dam Hotel. Also featured in Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives is the World Famous Coffee Cup. Open for Breakfast and Lunch 6am to 2pm Daily located 512 Nevada Way, Boulder City, Nevada 89005.


Recreational Facilities

Bootleg Canyon

Bootleg Canyon Flightlines
Zip lines from 1150 to 2550
1512 Industrial Road
Boulder City, NV 89005

Bootleg Canyon Mountain Bike Park
Internationally renowned, this park features a variety of different types of trails. Created by local cycling enthusiast Brent Thomson. Bootleg Canyon “Epic ride” is located in Boulder City Nevada. The Length of the trail is 36 miles, and elevation 3,600 feet. Terrain: XC and DH Specific loops, even a ski-area style terrain park near base. September through June is the best time to go. Temperatures can exceed 110 degrees, but the trails can also be ridden at night. Visit for more details.

Boulder City Golf Course

Boulder City Fine Arts Festival
Held in April for more information

Boulder City has come along way from the days of the Depression. Visit this quaint town which was the home of hundreds who made life in the desert possible.

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