Best Las Vegas Buffets

Best Las Vegas Buffets – How to Eat Well at a Decent Price – Tips and Tricks
Author: Jules Monty & Eden Gibsons

Tips to eat a lot, well and for a good price! If you go to Las Vegas and enjoy food you have three options:

1 – Eat at the many restaurants there, on or off Strip. We avoid this option because when we go to Vegas we want to experience something truly different from what we experience at home. There are many restaurants everywhere but we always favour variety and of course we always want to eat well at a good price.

2 – Eat at buffets. This is our favourite option, because we love variety, freshness and a good deal anywhere we can find it. We want to try dishes we may not eat everyday at home and we also want to enjoy our regular favourites amongst some healthy options too! We think that the prices of Las Vegas buffets are, with the exception of dinner, more than reasonable for what you can enjoy. If you follow our tips you will eat well and at reasonable prices.

– There are several top-quality buffets in Vegas. Amongst them we recommend the buffet at the Bellagio, the one at the Mandalay Bay, the buffet at the Mirage, the buffet at the Wynn (but this one’s pricey!), the buffet at Planet Hollywood, the buffet at the Paris, the buffet at the Rio and, if you love Sushi, the Sushi buffet at Planet Hollywood (more on these buffets further on). These are top buffets so if you are on a budget make sure you show up between breakfast and lunch so you will enjoy a great lunch at breakfast prices (so go there 15 minutes before breakfast ends.)

– Planet Hollywood unfortunately does not offer this option so just go for lunch. Also, always ask for coupons at check in or when you book your stay. Alternatively, check the local newspaper (they offer coupons almost everyday), the flyers inside the cabs and always ask for free buffet coupons at check in and at the Players’ Club. We haven’t paid full price in years and we go to Vegas 4 times a year!

If you don’t care about what you eat but just want a mountain of food, go to the Palace Station; the local newspaper has – almost daily – coupons which will allow you to eat here for one dollar! These are lunch prices but dinner is equally cheap. Junk food lovers will like this place (burgers, high-doe pizza, Chinese, macaroni and cheese, desserts, etc.) and you can even have a salad here! Come on, where else can you eat this much for one dollar? The Hilton also offers free buffets, especially if you book one of their 3-day offers (if you sign up you will receive these offers regularly). They will offer you 6 free buffets per 3-night stay; and, their buffet is actually ok even if it’s small!

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