Advice for New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas

Eat before you party! If you are planning on eating at a restaurant make sure you make reservations.

Purchase your tickets ahead of time! This goes for Shows, Clubs and Hotels. There are going to be tons… and I mean TONS of people on the Las Vegas strip. Not only are there crowds, but the Las Vegas Boulevard will be closed from Sahara Avenue to Russell Road from 7 pm to am.  That means there are no cabs or limos during those times… just lots and lots of people.

Make sure you arrive early. This strip is crazy busy after 8 pm so have a plan. Ladies be careful not to lose your friends, have your cell phones charged and a spot to meet up at in case you do get lost. I speak from experience, one year I lost my friends and there were a bunch of drunk strangers trying to “help” me. I was lucky the strip had just reopened and I quickly hopped in a limo and arrived safely at home. It can be overwhelming so know your limit while drinking and don’t get too drunk you forget where you are. Drink responsibly!

Dress codes are enforced. Be sure to know what you are allowed to wear at the clubs before you stand in line all night only to be rejected. Generally clubs do not allow tennis shoes, sweat pants, bandannas, ball caps, shorts or any type of gang gear. Ladies make sure you have something warm to wear too. Las Vegas is really freaking cold at night during winter.

Tip the doorman discreetly to get ahead inline, about $20 a head would be my guess. I personally have never tipped my way to the front. It will be easier to enter a club if you have more women then men. Clubs want ladies in their establishment, that is why you will notice clubs have two different prices for each of the sexes. I do not agree with it… but I have never paid my way into a club either. Just a heads up for all you gentlemen.

Bottle service… goes fast. It is a good idea to bring some cash so you and your friends can purchase a bottle and a VIP table. Some clubs even serve chocolate covered strawberries… yummy!

Plan out how and where you want to count down. The strip will have an 8 minute fire work show at the stroke of midnight. There are some awesome views in Vegas, like VooDoo lounge  at the Rio and  the Foundation Room  at Mandalay Bay. Most place will be offering complementary champagne along with ticket prices.

Do not by any means drink and drive. As soon as the Las Vegas strip reopens the limos and cabs start picking up people. Limos are not too expensive and are really great especially if you are with a larger group.

Most importantly have a safe and good time.


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